Mountain Rescue Support Group

The Mountain Rescue Support Group (MRSG)is an opportunity for volunteers, who cannot commit to being an operational member, to get involved in Team activities.  It will utilise the knowledge, experience and skills of our communities, creating a strong framework in support of operations and training standards.  Typical activities will include:

  • Logistical support to courses and training
  • Non operational team officer positions
  • Acting as casualties for rescuers and dogs
  • Marketing, advertising and sponsorship
  • Equipment checks and acquisitions
  • Public relations and community education
  • Information technology and social media
  • Fund raising

Applicants will be invited to a team briefing and witness a demonstration by members using a variety of equipment before deciding to join.  An application to join the MRSG is available using the link below.  Get involved with your local Mountain Rescue Team and make a difference!

For an MRSG Application click HERE

In an emergency or if you get into difficulties

call 112 or 999.


NWMRT at the BBC1 recording