Because of the very difficult conditions in some areas, we were tasked, over the whole weekend with other agencies, by the PSNI, to assist Southern Health Board Healthcare staff to get to patients in the local community…

Also on Saturday were tasked to locate a car containing some Brazilian tourists, who had become lost and stranded in Glenann, Co. Antrim…and then on Sunday, we were once again tasked to locate a car, this time containing a mother and her 15 year old daughter, who had also got lost and stranded in the hills south of Ballycastle in Co. Antrim.

We are happy to say that in both cases, the occupants were found and escorted to safety.

However, NWMRT is always prepared for such eventualities and that same bad weather at the weekend, provided a great opportunity for some winter conditions training in the hills outside Belfast.

Part of that was practicing walking in snow shoes and walking poles. It looks easy…until you try.

Sometimes we are also required  to take in supplies to stranded, rural communities and for this we need sleds. In extreme incidents, when ambulance, emergency vehicles or even helicopters can’t make it, we need to be able to evacuate any casualties and we practice for that possibility, using the stretcher and sleds.

You can see how we managed (and also get the perspective from a casualty’s point of view!) by watching the video here.